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About Us

CPN (K) is a volunteer group of praying Christians, who pained by the challenges facing our nation and acknowledging that only God could bring about transformation, decided to coordinate a prayer chain for Kenya.

Our Mission


To mobilise and network the church to participate in an ‘unbroken prayer chain’ for the transformation of the nation.


A united church and transformed nation

Core Values


1)      Humility

2)      Prayerfulness

3)      Integrity

4)      Commitment

5)      Focus


Chairman – Pastor Julius Wainaina ICC Imara Daima

Deputy – Chairman Pastor Simon Khaemba

Vision Bearer (Coordinator) Esther Muthoni

Treasurer- Grace Mahinda

Mobilization- Rev Grace Itegi ACK

Communications – Anne Kiguru

Anne is a born again Christian and seasoned marketing professional with over twenty (20) years’ experience in media. She uses the skills and experience gained to serve God through the church, para – church organisations and the community.


Pastor Patricia Muigai

Eunice Mwongera,

Carren Ikua

Lois Maina

Dorcas Kaimenyi




The story of CPN began when the coordinator, who is also the vision bearer Esther Muthoni, while working at Nairobi International School of Theological (NIST), got an opportunity to listen to a talk by a certain Dr Kohl from Singapore. Dr Kohl shared how visionary leadership had enabled Singapore to move from a third to first world country in a relatively short time. This made Esther, who had always had a burden for her country, wonder if the leadership alone could have achieved this transformation or if indeed there was a spiritual dimension.

A few months later she was privileged to visit Singapore on a Leadership Training course and got to experience first -hand how the church in Singapore united to pray for their nation. Esther learnt that the churches had united and coordinated an ‘unbroken prayer chain’ for their nation and had been doing so for a while. This led Esther to believe that through the prayers the transformation of Singapore had been sustained.

On Returning to Kenya she shared this with a group off fellow Christians who were grieved by the state of affairs in the country and as a result CPN was launched in June 2009 with a purpose of ‘Raising an unbroken prayer chain for Kenya’.

In June 2017 we celebrate eight years of the ‘Unbroken prayer chain’ for Kenya and we have witnessed God answer our prayers in an amazing way. To Him be the glory!


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