If the opportunity to visit the Hagai Institute of Leadership in Singapore in 2007 came as an unexpected gift, the lessons I was to learn from the country were even more so. During my one-month stay in the country I observed the rapid economic development that had taken place since its independence in 1964 and it was impressive. At the back of my mind, one question lingered: Could transformation happen without the spiritual dimension?

This question was answered on the last Sunday of my stay in the state. While visiting one of the churches, I learnt that the churches of Singapore had been involved in an Unbroken Prayer Chain for the Nation, for a one year. It dawned on me that the church was sustaining the prosperity of Singapore, and that the church was totally united as they prayed for their nation. This revelation led to the formation and launch of the Christian Prayer Network in June 2009 by a group of Christians who were very concerned about the state of our country Kenya


Esther Muthoni

Vision Bearer and Coordinator