welcome to the christian prayer network

"Raising an unbroken Prayer Chain for Kenya"

Who we are

The Christian Prayer Network (CPN) is group of Christians that brings together churches from around Kenya to pray for the country. The network is made up of praying Christians who, pained by the challenges faced by our nation, acknowledge that only God can bring the transformation Kenyans long for.

Does your church pray fervently for our nation? Join CPN so that we can share priority areas of need and pray together.

What We Do

The prayer network was launched in June 2009 with the aim of forming a prayer chain. CPN’s mission is to mobilise, network and unify the church in an unbroken prayer chain for Kenya. The network publishes and shares a weekly prayer guide on which the prayers for each week are based. Daily prayers are conducted throughout the year with one congregation at a time praying over the nation in various counties. In this way, a prayer chain is formed.

Are you a pastor seeking the fellowship of other pastors praying to the nation? You do not need to pray in isolation any longer. Join CPN and find the fellowship in prayer.

Why We Do It

The vision of CPN is a united church and transformed nation. Network members pray out of a desire for unity in the body Christ in Kenya and the transformation of our country. We desire to see an end to social ills and challenges faced by the nation and thus encourage all Christians to join in prayer. We believe God can bring this transformation that our country so deeply desires.

Do wish to see a unified Church of Christ in our country and therefore a unified nation? Join the prayer network and strengthen that unity you desire.

How We Do It

CPN mobilises the church to pray for the nation through the Torch Movement. Like in a relay race where a baton is passed from one athlete to another, CPN provides a prayer guide and coordinates the movement of the prayer ‘Torch’ from one church to another. After one church congregation has completed a week of prayers, they pass on the ‘Torch’ to the next. The ‘Torch’ comprises of a lantern, symbolizing the light of Christ and the Kenyan flag.